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Class Evalution Guide - Baldur's Gate 3


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Eirgor Aug 29, 23 | reply
How would you rate Oath of Vengeance?
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neosucker Aug 30, 23 | reply
Berserker [C-]. Seriously? Nothing in any of your builds for BG3 resembles any coherence. You got so many things wrong its pathetic. That is what happens when noobs makes cringe build website. Go play WOTR with your Sosiel on unfair.
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andrewwilly77 Sep 1, 23 | reply
The problem with Barbarian is it gets a few good things early on and then nothing that matters mid and late game. Beserker used to be the best until they nerfed it into the ground. Speak logic instead of simply disagreeing and insulting someone who put time into something. If you disagree, propose an argument to convey your point.

I agree with most of the class ratings to be honest. I do think Sorc is S tier no matter what sub class you pick simply with how powerful metamagic and quickend spell specifically can be. Also Thief subclass could also arguably be bumped up to S tier with how broken having two bonus actions in one turn is. But overall great list and evaluation.
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By Gruumsh Sep 1, 23 | reply
I generally enjoy lists like these - and enjoyed them on Neoseeker for the Pathfinder games - but the only problem I see in a list like this for Baldur's Gate is the criteria for what these grades mean. For example, in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, the game could be incredibly difficult on higher settings, especially Unfair; giving a class a "B" for example was identifying it as a sort of middling way to deal with the challenges, A or S dealt with challenges very well, and D or F dealt with those challenges very poorly.

Currently, Baldur's Gate 3 isn't very hard once you know what you're doing and have a handle on the mechanics/resources (which, to be fair, might take up to a second playthrough). The worst tiered class on this list could beat the game on the highest difficulty without much frustration (something that could definitely not be said for Pathfinder). Hell, the game even encourages you to rest more than you may need to, or else you'll miss certain quests. The Difficulty challenge may change in the future, it wouldn't surprise me to see even higher difficulties eventually be put in. But I'd like to see something from the author's about how we're supposed to interpret these tiers: saying a class is "S" or "F" reads a little strange when as far as I can tell, it just means one is stronger on paper but in game the weaker class may take an extra round or two to flatten the opponents all the same. Does that really make a class worthy of "S" or "F"?

(Hey, maybe it does, it's your list! Just want some clearer criteria)
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davideforcina Sep 4, 23 | reply
I don't know if this list was compiled in "early access" but from my point of view it has several flaws, also based on the general considerations of the community.

Just to say... the Berserk is considered one of the optimal choices for the barbarian, the mere fact of being able to make an extra attack every turn in rage is enough to fully justify the archetype!

The "deep-one" Warlock has a very interesting choice of spells (it does less damage than the "fiend" but is great for field control) and the "enthropic ward" if you have good AC is much more advantageous than the "fiend's" bonus hit points ".

But I could give many more examples...